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Type 1 diabetes is a T-cell-mediated disease that is associated with loss of immunological tolerance to self-antigens. The mechanisms involved in maintenance of peripheral tolerance include a specialized subset of regulatory T-cells (Treg) within the CD4(+)CD25(+) T-cell population, but the function and phenotype of these cells in type 1 diabetes have not(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe and compare women and health care professionals' preferences for Down's Syndrome screening tests with different test characteristics. DESIGN Cross sectional questionnaire based conjoint analysis study. SETTING London teaching hospital. SAMPLE 291/383 women in their first or second trimester of pregnancy and 98/122 health care(More)
According to the quality of response they mediate, autoreactive T cells recognizing islet beta cell peptides could represent both disease effectors in the development of type 1 diabetes (T1DM) and directors of tolerance in nondiabetic individuals or those undergoing preventative immunotherapy. A combination of the rarity of these cells, inadequate(More)
PURPOSE In this study, we explored the breadth of CD8 T cell reactivity to preproinsulin (PPI) in type 1 diabetes. MATERIALS AND METHODS We tested a complete peptide set in pools covering all 406 potential 8-11mer epitopes of PPI and 61 algorithm-predicted human leukocyte antigen (HLA)-A2-specific epitopes (15 pools) from islet-specific(More)
BACKGROUND Pulmonary regurgitation (PR) is an important determinant of outcome after repair of tetralogy of Fallot. Baseline PR was measured by magnetic resonance (MR) phase velocity mapping and from real-time right ventricular pressure-volume loops with a conductance catheter. Subsequently, the impact of two loading maneuvers (increased airway pressure,(More)
BACKGROUND The detection of psychological problems of black African people has been found to be substantially lower, compared with white British and black Caribbean people. This may be due to differences in patients' perceptions of illness. Little research has been carried out on factors that may influence the help-seeking behaviour of black Africans. (More)
This study evaluated the impact of informing women smokers of the link between smoking and cervical cancer. Women smokers aged 20-64 years from two general practices in the United Kingdom were randomly assigned to receive an extended leaflet, a brief leaflet, or no leaflet. Both leaflets informed women of the threat of cervical cancer, how stopping smoking(More)
BACKGROUND Assessment of right ventricular performance in the perioperative period is difficult because there is no generally accepted method of measuring right ventricular volume. We set out to determine whether conductance technology could provide a valuable technique for the investigation of intraoperative right ventricular function. METHODS AND(More)
This study examines the use of conductance catheters to assess human right ventricular volume. Ten patients undergoing diagnostic cardiac catheterisation underwent right heart catheterisation with a conductance catheter and micromanometer, and a thermodilution catheter before and after fluid loading. Parallel wall conductance (Vc), and the multiplication(More)