Amanda Hodle

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OBJECTIVE To report the first published case of clonazepam-induced burning mouth syndrome (BMS). CASE SUMMARY A 52-year-old white woman presented to the clinic with burning mouth symptoms. The patient was previously maintained on alprazolam therapy for anxiety, but was switched to clonazepam because of increased anxiety and panic. Clonazepam significantly(More)
INTRODUCTION Funding increases after September 11, 2001 have provided impetus to improve public health emergency preparedness plans. Training of local health department staff and coordination between counties are important components of these plans. Electronic media have been used to facilitate dissemination of training, and a need for evaluation has been(More)
BACKGROUND Local health departments and public health nurses are crucial in surveillance and response during public health emergencies. Simulated exercises are useful to train personnel and test emergency preparedness plans, but these exercises can be inconvenient or unrealistic. To address these drawbacks, "Public Health Investigation" (PHI), a(More)
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