Amanda Hancock

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INTRODUCTION Physiotherapists routinely prescribe the use of two different early walking aids (EWAs) to individuals who have recently undergone unilateral transtibial amputation. No research to date has investigated the kinematic gait patterns of transtibial amputees walking with an EWA during early rehabilitation. The aim of the current RCT study was to(More)
PURPOSE To compare articulated and nonarticulated early walking aids (EWAs) for clinical and quality-of-life outcomes in transtibial amputees. METHODS Patients undergoing lower limb amputation in a tertiary-care vascular surgical unit were screened over a 4-year period. Recruited patients were randomized to receive articulated amputee mobility aid (AMA)(More)
Nineteen patients with advanced, previously treated breast cancer received treatment with vincristine 2 mg i.v., mitomycin-C 6 mg/m2 and mitoxantrone (Novantrone®; dihydroxyanthracenedione) 12 mg/m2 i.v. every three weeks. Thirteen patients are evaluable for response and toxicity. Partial remission was seen in six patients, with soft tissue, bone and(More)
HIV infection is not a legally notifiable disease at the national level in Canada; however, provincial and territorial officials voluntarily undertake notification to the Public Health Agency of Canada. A case study involving four community-based sites in Newfoundland and Labrador found that the absence of clear legislation concerning HIV testing presented(More)
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