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Early hearing loss and language abilities in children with Down syndrome.
BACKGROUND Although many children with Down syndrome experience hearing loss, there has been little research to investigate its impact on speech and language development. Studies that haveExpand
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Does cochlear implantation improve speech recognition in children with auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder? A systematic review
Abstract Objective: Cochlear implantation (CI) is a standard treatment for severe-profound sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL). However, consensus has yet to be reached on its effectiveness for hearingExpand
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Prenatal alcohol exposure and childhood balance ability: findings from a UK birth cohort study
Objective To investigate the association of prenatal alcohol exposure with balance in10-year-old children. Design Population-based prospective longitudinal study. Setting Former Avon region of UKExpand
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Causal attributions in King-Kopetzky syndrome
Abstract At least 10% of people who present for help with hearing difficulties will be found to have normal hearing thresholds. These cases are clinically categorized as King-Kopetzky syndrome (KKS),Expand
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Impact of co-occurring hearing and visual difficulties in childhood on educational outcomes: a longitudinal cohort study
Background Mild hearing and visual difficulties are common in childhood, and both may have implications for educational achievement. However, the impact of co-occurring common hearing and visualExpand
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Youtopia: a collaborative, tangible, multi-touch, sustainability learning activity
Youtopia is a hybrid tangible and multi-touch land use planning activity for elementary school aged children. Expand
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Stigma Related Avoidance in People Living with Severe Mental Illness (SMI): Findings of an Integrative Review
Abstract The purpose of this integrative review is to synthesize primary evidence of the impact of internalized stigma on avoidance in adult community treatment patients living with SMI. A keywordExpand
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Illness perceptions and hearing difficulties in King-Kopetzky syndrome: What determines help seeking?
Abstract The present study explored illness perceptions of hearing difficulties amongst one hundred participants who reported experiencing hearing difficulties despite normal audiometric thresholds.Expand
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The development of a decision aid for tinnitus
Abstract Objective: To develop a decision aid for tinnitus care that would meet international consensus for decision aid quality. Design: A mixed methods design that included qualitative in-depthExpand
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Balance ability in 7- and 10-year-old children: associations with prenatal lead and cadmium exposure and with blood lead levels in childhood in a prospective birth cohort study
Objectives Most studies reporting evidence of adverse effects of lead and cadmium on the ability to balance have been conducted in high-exposure groups or have included adults. The effects ofExpand
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