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Current user interfaces for automated patient and consumer health care systems can be improved by leveraging the results of several decades of research into effective patient-provider communication skills. A research project is presented in which several such "relational" skills - including empathy, social dialogue, nonverbal immediacy behaviors, and other(More)
Relational agents are computational artifacts, such as animated, screen-based characters or social robots, that are designed to establish a sense of rapport, trust, and even therapeutic alliance with patients, using ideal therapeutic relationships between human counselors and patients as role models. We describe the development and evaluation of several(More)
We have developed an animated PDA-based advisor that can engage sedentary adults in dialogues about their physical activity throughout the day. An integrated accelerometer enables the advisor to initiate interactions and provide real-time feedback. Results of preliminary usability testing of interaction modalities are presented and a planned efficacy study(More)
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