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PURPOSE A phase II study was performed in patients with unresectable or metastatic gastric cancer evaluating the efficacy of a new chemotherapy schedule combining epirubicin and cisplatin with a continuous ambulatory infusion of 5-fluorouracil (ECF). PATIENTS AND METHODS One hundred thirty-nine consecutive, previously untreated patients were given ECF. Of(More)
Epidemiological and experimental evidence indicates that oestrogens are involved in the carcinogenic promotion of human breast cancer. We have undertaken a pilot trial of tamoxifen, an anti-oestrogen, compared to placebo given to 200 women at a high risk of developing breast cancer. The results of this trial show that acute toxicity is low and that accrual(More)
A series of 13 chest wall resections for recurrent breast tumours are reported, the defects being closed by synthetic prostheses. In nine patients the prostheses were covered by a latissimus dorsi flap, while in the last eight patients a rigid 'shield' prosthesis of methyl methacrylate was used, and a stable chest obtained. Mechanical ventilation for more(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate in a randomized clinical trial systemic chemoendocrine therapy used as primary (neo-adjuvant) treatment before surgery in women with primary operable breast cancer. PATIENTS AND METHODS Patients aged less than 70 years with clinically palpable, primary operable breast cancer diagnostically confirmed by fine-needle aspiration cytology(More)
BACKGROUND A prospective randomised trial was undertaken to evaluate the role of neoadjuvant chemoendocrine therapy prior to surgery in primary operable breast cancer. PATIENTS AND METHODS Three hundred nine women (median age 56 years, range 27-70) with primary operable breast cancer confirmed on fine needle aspiration (FNA) cytology were recruited to(More)
42 patients with metastatic breast carcinoma were treated with aminoglutethimide, which inhibits adrenal steroid hormone synthesis. Treatment was stopped in 2 patients before response could be assessed; of the other 40, 15 (37.5%) had an objective response, 1 (2.5%) showed a response in bone but not in soft tissue, and 4 (10%) had complete or very great(More)
A pilot randomised placebo controlled trial using tamoxifen in healthy women at increased risk of developing breast cancer, has been undertaken in order to evaluate the problems of accrual, acute symptomatic toxicity, compliance, and safety as a basis for subsequent large national multicentre trials designed to test whether tamoxifen can chemoprevent breast(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze malpractice litigation trends related to the administration of corticosteroids and the reported complications. STUDY DESIGN Retrospective. SETTING Tertiary medical center. SUBJECTS AND METHODS The WESTLAW database was reviewed from March 1996 to November 2008. Data were compiled on the demographics of the defendant, plaintiff,(More)