Amanda G. Barrett

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P. gingivalis (Pg), a causative agent of chronic generalized periodontitis, has been implicated in promoting cardiovascular disease. Expression of lipoprotein gene PG0717 of Pg strain W83 was found to be transiently upregulated during invasion of human coronary artery endothelial cells (HCAEC), suggesting this protein may be involved in virulence. We(More)
We report the synthesis of porphyrazines (pzs), or tetraazaporphyrins, of the form H2[pz(An;B4-n)], where A is [S(CH2)3COOR]2 (R = n-Pr,H) and B is a fused beta,beta'-diisopropyloxybenzo group, including the compounds with n = 4 (6), n = 3 (7) and the trans compound with n = 2 (8) (Scheme 1). The synthesis employs Linstead crossover macrocyclization of(More)
The synthesis and isolation of unsymmetrical porphyrazines bearing two, four, and six bis-(dimethylamino) functionalities has been achieved via the base-catalyzed cross-condensation of 1,2-dicyanobenzene 8 and bis(dimethylamino)maleonitrile 7. In addition, the benzo-fused hexaaminoporphyrazine dimer 10 was prepared from condensation of dinitrile 7 (in(More)
Stepwise macrocyclization of the all syn-trans-1,15-quinquecyclopropanedimethanol (4) with iso- and terephthaloyl chlorides and 4,4'-methanediyl-dibenzoic acid (28) gave the corresponding coronanes 22, 23, and 32. The same protocol was used with all syn-trans-1,21-septecyclopropanedimethanol (5) and 2,3-naphthalenedicarboxylic acid to obtain the macrolide(More)
We report the synthesis and physical characterization of a series of peripherally functionalized porphyrazines (pzs) of the forms H2[pz(A;B3)] and trans-H2[pz(A2);B2], where A is a dithiolene chelate of molybdocene or vanadocene and B is a solublizing group. The precursor pz's 8 and 9, of the form H2[pz(A;B3)], where A = (4-(butyloxycarbonyl)-S-benzyl)2 and(More)
4-Alkenyl-2-azetidinone systems were converted to the corresponding ethyl 2-¿4-alkenyl-2-oxo-1-azetidinyl-4-pentenoates. In addition, 4-(2-propenyl-1-oxy)-, 4-(2-propenyl-1-thio)-, 4-¿N-(2-propenyl)-(4-toluenesulfonyl)- and (3S, 4R)-4-(2-propenyl)-3-¿(1R)-1-(tert-butyldimethylsilyloxy)ethyl-++ +azeti din-2-one were converted into beta-lactam dienes via(More)
We present a preliminary report of the interaction of octacationic N-methyl-pyridyl metalloporphyrazines, M=Cu(II) (Cupz+8) and Zn(II) (Znpz+8), with calf thymus DNA. These were monitored by electronic absorption spectroscopy, and in the case of Znpz+8, also by emission spectroscopy. These studies show that both the Cupz+8 and Znpz+8 interact strongly with(More)
We describe the complete synthesis and characterization of a new family of peripherally functionalized porphyrazines (pz's) with four, three, or two (in a trans conformation) bis[thioethoxy(ethoxy)ethanol] moieties appended at the pyrroles. These "polyetherol" groups serve as weak exocyclic binding sites for a number of metal ions and also provide(More)