Amanda G Austin

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1. The extent to which one is able to fulfill needs and escape loneliness in later life depends on available relationships and one's creative interactions with others. 2. Persons immune to loneliness have characteristics that permit growth and constructive behaviors when faced with a loss or change. 3. Loneliness in old age occurs because interactions and(More)
This study determines the relationships between shame, anger, and men's perpetration of psychological abuse in dating relationships. The authors hypothesize the connection between shame proneness and men's use of psychological abuse with a dating partner, with anger's mediating in this relationship. In addition, the authors hypothesize that affect(More)
In this paper the coverage and capacity of CDMA system is evaluated using admission and power control to serve for low to medium speed internet services, such as digital TV or film/video streaming in rural areas. One of the unique characteristics of CDMA system is that it is possible to trade off between capacity and its coverage, called the cell-breathing.(More)
Internet penetration in developing countries depend on a variety of factors, including the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the density of telephone connections, and the density of personal computer users. Internet kiosks have been deployed in 21 rural ditrict areas of Garut Regency to facilitate internet access for local/district government as well as for the(More)
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