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A single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) in the Taq1A site near the DRD2 gene has been associated in several studies with smoking behaviour. We genotyped 732 current smokers (241 low, one to nine cigarettes a day, 250 mid, 10-19 cigarettes, 241 high, 20+cigarettes) and 243 never-smokers at this site (C32806T), to test for effects on smoking initiation and(More)
A randomized controlled trial to test patient compliance with screening for colorectal cancer in association with general practice health checks was carried out in six practices (three urban and three rural). A total of 1588 patients aged 45-64 years were randomized to one of four intervention groups. In the first group patients were posted a Haemoccult(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the effectiveness of three different methods of promoting secondary prevention of coronary heart disease in primary care. DESIGN Pragmatic, unblinded, cluster randomised controlled trial. SETTING Warwickshire. SUBJECTS 21 general practices received intervention; outcome measured in 1906 patients aged 55-75 years with established(More)
Central dopaminergic reward pathways give rise to dependence and are activated by nicotine. Allelic variants in genes involved in dopamine metabolism may therefore influence the amount of tobacco consumed by smokers. We developed assays for polymorphisms in dopamine beta-hydroxylase (DBH), monoamine oxidase (MAO) and catechol O-methyl transferase (COMT)(More)
A survey was conducted to study the impact of women's previous experiences of breast cancer screening on their subsequent readiness to reattend. Women aged 45-64 years from three general practices were invited to attend for a second breast cancer screening test at a mobile clinic. Of the 1582 women who were invited, 1408 (89.0%) reattended. A questionnaire(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess attendance at and the characteristics of patients attending health checks for cardiovascular disease offered in a general practice over a period of five years (1984-9). DESIGN Medical record audit and postal questionnaire survey. SETTING One general practice in Oxfordshire with a socially diverse population. PARTICIPANTS 1101 Men(More)
The presence of a family history of cancer of the colorectum, breast, uterus and ovary is associated with an increased risk for that type of cancer. The aim of this study was to assess the prevalence of a family history of these cancers in the community. Nurses asked all attenders at health checks aged 35-64 about the presence of a history in close(More)
BACKGROUND Primary care is expected to play a significant role in the management of patients with genetic problems. Currently, this particularly involves patients with a family history of cancer. If GPs are to exercise their gatekeeper role efficiently in this area, they must be able to evaluate genetic risk and make appropriate referral decisions. (More)
This study examined the association between numbers of benign melanocytic naevi in 7-year-old children in Oxfordshire born in 1988-9 with their mother's arm naevus count, and maternal and child pigmentation factors. We believe this is the first time that the relationship between child and maternal naevus counts has been reported. A high naevus count in the(More)