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OBJECTIVE To evaluate effectiveness of an exercise programme in a community setting for patients with low back pain to encourage a return to normal activities. DESIGN Randomised controlled trial of progressive exercise programme compared with usual primary care management. Patients' preferences for type of management were elicited independently of(More)
Objectives Firstly, to compare the effectiveness of a brief physiotherapy intervention with " usual " physiotherapy for patients with neck pain. Secondly, to evaluate the effect of patients' preferences on outcome. Design Non-inferiority randomised controlled trial eliciting preferences independently of randomisation. Setting Physiotherapy departments in a(More)
STUDY DESIGN A longitudinal study using patient questionnaires was performed. OBJECTIVE To compare the discriminatory power and responsiveness of the Aberdeen Back Pain Scale (ABPS), the Roland Disability Questionnaire (RDQ), and the EuroQol in patients with low back pain. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA A number instruments specific to low back pain have(More)
AIM The aim of this study was to describe the development and validation of the UK Alcohol Treatment Trial Process Rating Scale (UKATT PRS), a manual based method for monitoring and rating the delivery of psychosocial treatments of alcohol dependence and misuse. METHODS Following adaptation and further development of a validated rating scale, the ability(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify risk factors independently predictive of pressure ulcer development in adult patient populations? DESIGN A systematic review of primary research was undertaken, based upon methods recommended for effectiveness questions but adapted to identify observational risk factor studies. DATA SOURCES Fourteen electronic databases were(More)
AIMS To determine whether a medicine review and education programme influences the compliance and knowledge of older people in general practice. METHODS Older people taking at least three medicines were randomly allocated to a control or intervention group. Both groups received three visits from a clinical pharmacist: Visit 1: Assessment and patients'(More)
AIMS To design and validate a method of assessing complete dentures from a functional standpoint. SUBJECTS A random sample of 40 complete denture wearers took part in the study. SETTING A university clinical department of prosthetic dentistry. INTERVENTION We undertook a pilot study to refine the protocol and criteria. All participants and their(More)
AIM This paper discusses the critical determinants of pressure ulcer development and proposes a new pressure ulcer conceptual framework. BACKGROUND Recent work to develop and validate a new evidence-based pressure ulcer risk assessment framework was undertaken. This formed part of a Pressure UlceR Programme Of reSEarch (RP-PG-0407-10056), funded by the(More)
OBJECTIVES To identify characteristics of randomized controlled trial participants which predict greater benefits from physical treatments for low back pain. If successful, this would allow more appropriate selection of patients for different treatments. METHODS We did a secondary analysis of the UK Back pain Exercise And Manipulation trial (UK BEAM n =(More)