Amanda Estéphan

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Hypertension is a well-known major risk factor for cardiovascular diseases. This study has been designed to assess the prevalence of hypertension, its co-occurrence with other cardiovascular risk factors and its association with cardiovascular diseases in a representative sample of Lebanese population. A pretested questionnaire was administered to 2125(More)
In this study two indices of swimming behavior (horizontal and vertical swimming activity) in a gammaridean amphipod (Gammarus lawrencianus) were examined for their sensitivity to Cd exposure. G. lawrencianus were exposed for 72 h to a variety of Cd concentrations [background (approximately 12), 62, 125, 250 and 500 microg l(-1)] at 20 ppt. Subsequent to(More)
Many studies have revealed cultural differences in the way Easterners and Westerners attend to their visual world. It has been proposed that these cultural differences reflect the utilization of different processes, namely holistic processes by Easterners and analytical processes by Westerners. In the face processing literature, eye movement studies have(More)
Hills and coll. (2014) have suggested that the natural face contour is a fundamental part of the whole face. Here, we investigated the impact of the natural contour on face recognition by measuring the integration index (Φ), a measure of feature integration in face processing (Gold et al., 2012). Twelve participants (8 women) completed 840 trials per day(More)
During face recognition, both Easterners and Westerners need information from the eyes and mouth to recognize faces (Caldara, Zhou, & Miellet, 2010). However, Easterners make fewer fixations to the eyes and mouth regions and more fixations to the nose region than Westerners (Blais et al., 2008; Miellet et al., 2012). These results suggest that Easterners(More)
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