Amanda E. Walker

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OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to identify ancillary morphologic features on high-resolution CT that modify airflow obstruction and gas transfer levels in individuals with emphysema. MATERIALS AND METHODS The extent of emphysema on high-resolution CT was quantified by density masking in 101 patients. CT scans were evaluated for airway abnormalities(More)
The combination of functional indices best reflecting the extent of emphysema is not known. High-resolution computed tomography (HRCT) studies of 106 patients with emphysema [men=71; median age=61 (range=26–86 years)] were reviewed and the extent of emphysema was quantified: (a) visually (emphysemavis) and (b) by automated estimation (emphysemaauto).(More)
The goal of this study was to reduce the patient radiation dose from evacuation proctography. Ninety-eight consecutive adult patients referred for proctography to investigate difficult rectal evacuation were studied using a digital imaging system with either a standard digital program for barium examinations, a reduced dose digital program (both with and(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate whether injection with pericapsular lignocaine before transrectal ultrasonography (TRUS)-guided biopsy reduces the perceived pain of prostatic biopsy. PATIENTS AND METHODS The study included 121 patients referred for TRUS-guided biopsy of the prostate; 27 underwent biopsy with no previous injection and 94 were randomized to(More)
Contrast-enhanced MR imaging of the breast has been found to be valuable in the assessment of local recurrence of previously treated breast cancer. We looked specifically at the appearances of the skin and nipple of the treated breast in order to describe the appearances of post-treatment change and recurrence in this region. Thirty-nine women treated for(More)
Bone marrow oedema syndrome (BMES, also known as transient osteoporosis) is an uncommon, self-limiting condition characterized by disabling pain, reversible osteopaenia on X-rays and by bone marrow oedema pattern on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Here we describe the first reported case of BMES in an HIV-positive patient on highly active antiretroviral(More)
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