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Efforts aimed at restoring robust immune responses limiting human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-1 replication therapeutically are warranted. We report that vaccination with dendritic cells generated ex vivo and loaded with HIV lipopeptides in patients (n = 19) on antiretroviral therapy was well tolerated and immunogenic. Vaccination increased: (i) the(More)
Tests were conducted by a Task Force on Disinfectant Test Methods that was appointed to investigate controversies regarding the accuracy of AOAC test methods for disinfectants as presented in AOAC's Official Methods of Analysis, Chapter 6. The general principles for new and improved AOAC tests are discussed, and a disinfectant test using microbes labeled(More)
Cultured slices of cotyledon tissue from 60-day broad bean have been shown to synthesise globulin protein extensively. About 80% of the 3H-leucine incorporated into protein was incorporated into globulin protein; 35S-sulphate was also incorporated by the slices. The rate and dependence of the incorporation on the quantity of radiochemical added and the(More)
In the search for a therapeutic HIV-1 vaccine, we describe herein the development of a monocyte-derived dendritic cell (DC) vaccine loaded with a mixture of HIV-1-antigen lipopeptides (ANRS HIV-LIPO-5 Vaccine). LIPO-5 is comprised of five HIV-1-antigen peptides (Gag(17-35), Gag(253-284), Nef(66-97), Nef(116-145), and Pol(325-355)), each covalently linked to(More)
The infection of Vicia faba L. by Botrytis fabae Sard. produced numerous necrotic lesions. Electron microscopic observation of these areas indicate autolysis, blackening and disintegration of the host cytoplasm. In contrast to healthy cells, cells on the periphery of the necrotic lesions contain large volumes of cytoplasm, numerous golgi bodies and a(More)
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