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This study aims to investigate longitudinal patterns of psychopathology during the antenatal and postnatal periods among women with current (C-ED) and past (P-ED) eating disorders. Women were recruited to a prospective longitudinal study: C-ED (n = 31), P-ED (n = 29) and healthy control (HC; n = 57). Anxiety, depression and ED symptoms were measured at four(More)
PURPOSE Depression in young people attending primary care is common and is associated with impairment and recurrence into adulthood. However, it remains under-recognized. This study evaluated the feasibility of training primary care practitioners (PCPs) in screening and therapeutic identification of adolescent depression, and assessed its effects on(More)
A strain of Aspergillus fumigatus Fresenius, isolated from spoiled hay, converts melilotic acid (o-hydroxyphenylpropionic acid) and o-coumaric acid into 4-hydroxycoumarin and dicoumarol. The sequence is shown to be melilotic acid (I) [Formula: see text] coumaric acid (IV) [Formula: see text] beta-hydroxymelilotic acid (II) [Formula: see text](More)
OBJECTIVES This study aimed to investigate eating disorder diagnostic status and related symptoms in early pregnancy. METHODS Pregnant women (n=739), attending their first routine antenatal scan, were assessed using an adapted version of the Eating Disorder Diagnostic Scale (EDDS). Prevalence estimates and eating disorder symptoms were assessed during the(More)
BACKGROUND Mild-to-moderate depression in young people is associated with impaired social functioning and high rates of affective disorder in adult life. Earlier recognition of depression in young people has the potential to reduce the burden of depression in adulthood. However, depression in teenagers is underdiagnosed and undertreated. AIM To assess(More)
BACKGROUND Psychiatric illness is associated with heightened hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis activity during pregnancy which may have long term effects on infant stress regulation. HPA axis regulation has not previously been investigated in women with eating disorders (ED) or their infants during the perinatal period. METHODS Women were(More)
OBJECTIVE Being underweight at pregnancy commencement is associated with a range of adverse maternal and infant outcomes, as is being overweight or obese, yet it is an aspect of maternal health which has been relatively neglected by healthcare professionals and researchers. We aimed to investigate differences in pre-pregnancy and pregnancy healthy lifestyle(More)
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