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The focus of this paper is to implement a genetic algorithm using parallel programming. Genetic algorithms are well-suited to " parallelization, " since they model many individuals. Three implementations of a genetic algorithm were created for this paper-a standard sequential programming algorithm , a parallel algorithm using a master process to control the(More)
Algebraic multigrid (AMG) is an O(n) solution process for many large sparse linear systems. A hierarchy of progressively coarser grids is constructed that utilize complementary relaxation and interpolation operators. High-energy error is reduced by relaxation, while low-energy error is mapped to coarse-grids and reduced there. However, large parallel(More)
This paper introduces a method to reduce communication that is injected into the network during a sparse matrix-vector multiply by reorganizing messages on each node. This results in a reduction of the inter-node communication, replaced by less-costly intra-node communication, which reduces both the number and size of messages that are injected into the(More)
Algebraic multigrid (AMG) is an iterative method for solving sparse linear systems of equations (Aˆx = b), such as discretized partial differential equations arising in various fields of science and engineering. AMG is considered an optimal solver, requiring only O(n) operations to solve a system of n unknowns. Standard computers contain neither the memory(More)
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