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An artificial HIV-1 enhancer-binding 42-residue peptide (R42) that had been derived from bacteriophage 434 repressor inhibited the cell-free in vitro transcription of HIV-1 enhancer-containing plasmids [Hehlgans, T., Stolz, M., Klauser, S., Cui, T., Salgam, P., Brenz Verca, S., Widmann, M., Leiser, A., Städler, K. & Gutte, B. (1993) FEBS Lett. 315, 51-55;(More)
The focus of this paper is to implement a genetic algorithm using parallel programming. Genetic algorithms are well-suited to " parallelization, " since they model many individuals. Three implementations of a genetic algorithm were created for this paper-a standard sequential programming algorithm , a parallel algorithm using a master process to control the(More)
Algebraic multigrid (AMG) is an O(n) solution process for many large sparse linear systems. A hierarchy of progressively coarser grids is constructed that utilize complementary relaxation and interpolation operators. High-energy error is reduced by relaxation, while low-energy error is mapped to coarse-grids and reduced there. However, large parallel(More)
Algebraic multigrid (AMG) is an iterative method for solving sparse linear systems of equations (Aˆx = b), such as discretized partial differential equations arising in various fields of science and engineering. AMG is considered an optimal solver, requiring only O(n) operations to solve a system of n unknowns. Standard computers contain neither the memory(More)
This paper introduces a method to reduce communication that is injected into the network during a sparse matrix-vector multiply by reorganizing messages on each node. This results in a reduction of the inter-node communication, replaced by less-costly intra-node communication, which reduces both the number and size of messages that are injected into the(More)
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