Amanda B Schuiling

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The fate and transport of antibiotics in natural water systems is controlled in part by interactions with nanometer (10(-9)m) metal oxide particles. Experiments were performed by mixing solutions of ampicillin (AMP), a common, penicillin-class human and veterinary antibiotic, with 25 nm-TiO(2) (anatase) nanoparticles at different pH conditions. Both(More)
Transport of antibiotics in soil-water systems is controlled in part by adsorption to nanometer-size (10(-9)m) particles. Batch adsorption experiments were performed with ampicillin, a common amphoteric antibiotic, and 50 nm-Al(2)O(3) (alpha-alumina) at different pH conditions. Sorption to Al(2)O(3) can be described by linear isotherms for 2.9 microM-2.9 mM(More)
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