Amanda Arndt

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Rats avoid intake of a saccharin cue when paired with a drug of abuse. While this is true for most subjects, the degree of avoidance of the drug-paired cue depends upon many factors including an individual rat's preference for rewards. That said, the direction of this effect is complex. For example, reward-preferring Lewis rats exhibit greater(More)
In 58 cases of mammary cancer treated by surgery the leukocyte migration test (LMT) has been applied to the study of cellular immunity using homogenate from autochthonous and homologous tumors as antigens. A positive test, i.e. inhibition of migration by antigen, was observed in 52 patients from 1 day up to 40 days after surgery. Six patients were negative.(More)
Methods Minimal inhibitory concentrations (MIC) of all compounds entering in the composition of a decolonization solution were assessed by a macro-method in liquid medium, on MRSA strains from the prevalent lineage isolated in our institution. A constant and calibrated inoculum of MRSA was exposed to adapted concentrations (4-fold MIC) of inhibitory(More)
Flash teeth whitening is a two-step, once-daily method for whitening teeth that combines the use of a fine aerosol mist of a stabilized, concentrated hydrogen-peroxide solution and a saliva-activated, effervescent oral powder that is poured directly onto the tongue. An in-vivo study was conducted to evaluate the efficacy and safety of the flash teeth(More)
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