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Neutrophils have key roles in modulating the immune response. We present a robust methodology for rapidly isolating neutrophils directly from whole blood with 'on-chip' processing for mRNA and protein isolation for genomics and proteomics. We validate this device with an ex vivo stimulation experiment and by comparison with standard bulk isolation(More)
A major challenge in molecular biology is interrogating the human transcriptome on a genome wide scale when only a limited amount of biological sample is available for analysis. Current methodologies using microarray technologies for simultaneously monitoring mRNA transcription levels require nanogram amounts of total RNA. To overcome the sample size(More)
Microfluidic-based manipulation of particles is of great interest due to the insight it provides into the physics of hydrodynamic forces. Here, we study a particle-size-dependent phenomenon based on differential inertial focusing that utilizes the flow characteristics of curved, low aspect ratio (channel width ≫ height), microfluidic channels. We report the(More)
We present a novel "Lab-on-DVD" system and demonstrate its capability for rapid and low-cost HIV diagnostics by counting CD4+ cells isolated from whole blood. We show that a commercial DVD drive can, with certain modifications, be turned into an improved DVD-based laser scanning microscope (DVD-LSM). The system consists of a multi-layered disposable polymer(More)
To explore genome variation meaningfully, there is a critical need for a high-throughput and inexpensive platform for DNA analysis. Pyrosequencing is a nonelectrophoretic bioluminometric DNA sequencing method that uses a four-enzyme mixture reaction to monitor nucleotide incorporation in real time. Currently, the commercialized pyrosequencing technique is(More)
BACKGROUND Microarray technology is becoming a powerful tool for diagnostic, therapeutic, and prognostic applications. There is at present no consensus regarding the optimal technique to isolate nucleic acids from blood leukocyte populations for subsequent expression analyses. Current collection and processing techniques pose significant challenges in the(More)
This report describes a rapid solid-phase melting curve analysis method for single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) genotyping. The melting curve analysis is based on dynamic allele-specific hybridization (DASH). The DNA duplexes are conjugated on beads that are immobilized on the surface of a microheater chip with integrated heaters and temperature sensors.(More)
Blood-stream infections (BSI) remain a major health challenge, with an increasing incidence worldwide and a high mortality rate. Early treatment with appropriate antibiotics can reduce BSI-related morbidity and mortality, but success requires rapid identification of the infecting organisms. The rapid, culture-independent diagnosis of BSI could be(More)
We present the development of a disposable liquid handling lab-on-a-chip (LOC) system with embedded actuators for applications in analytical chemistry. The proposed nanoliter liquid handling is based on a temperature sensitive silicone elastomer composite, consisting of PDMS and expandable microspheres. In our LOC system, we integrate active dosing,(More)
HIV is a pandemic that currently threatens over 33 million lives worldwide and HIV/AIDS remains one of the major causes of death globally. The continued monitoring of the CD4+ T-lymphocytes count in HIV patients is necessary for proper treatment, although this testing is too expensive and complex for limited resource settings. We report on a novel(More)