Aman Bansal

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A miniature shrouded wind turbine aimed at energy harvesting for power delivery to wireless sensors in pipes and ducts is presented. The device has a rotor diameter of 2 cm, with an outer diameter of 3.2 cm, and generates electrical power by means of an axial flux permanent magnet machine built into the shroud. Fabrication was accomplished using a(More)
We have developed a 2-cm-diameter, shrouded wind turbine with an integrated axial flux permanent magnet generator. The device was fabricated using a combination of rapid prototyping, traditional machining and flexible printed circuit board technology, and employs jewel bearings for low friction. Wind tunnel tests have been performed on prototypes with 6 and(More)
This paper explores a relatively less popular source of clean energy. Noise (sound) energy can be converted into viable source of electric power by using a suitable transducer. This can be done by using a transducer by converting vibrations caused by noise into electrical energy. An application is proposed for the same, in which a speaker and a transformer(More)
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