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The Indian stock market is one of the earliest in Asia being in operation since 1875, but remained largely outside the global integration process until the late 1980s. A number of developing countries in concert with the International Finance Corporation and the World Bank took steps in the 1980s to establish and revitalize their stock markets as an(More)
Towards the design of hybrid qca tiles targeting high fault tolerance, "  Bibhash Sen, Manojit Dutta, Mrinal Goswami and Biplab k Sikdar, " Modular Design of testable reversible ALU by QCA multiplexer with increase in programmability " ,  Bibhash Sen, Manojit Dutta and Biplab k Sikdar, " Efficient design of parity preserving logic in quantum-dot cellular(More)
With the proliferation of unstructured data, text classification or text categorization has found many applications in topic classification, sentiment analysis, authorship identification, spam detection, and so on. There are many classification algorithms available. Naïve Bayes remains one of the oldest and most popular classifiers. On one hand,(More)
Accurately evaluating new policies (e.g. ad-placement models, ranking functions, recommendation functions) is one of the key prerequisites for improving interactive systems. While the conventional approach to evaluation relies on online A/B tests, recent work has shown that counterfactual estimators can provide an inexpensive and fast alternative, since(More)
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