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Aim: Rapidly test and improve an early-stage pronunciation learning system called MySpeech by: • Testing of human-computer interaction (HCI) model and feedback messages sent to the user. • Evaluation of overall user satisfaction with the pronunciation learning service. • Collection of data that can be used to improve the HCI and to personalise the system to(More)
This paper presents a method to introduce the notion of a student selected difficulty level for the task of pronunciation learning of a second language. Three difficulty levels, novice, acceptable and native, are constructed using a tri-/bi-and uni-gram language model each using a specific set of broad phonetic groups determined using underspecification.(More)
This paper presents a novel approach to phonetic-based language identification (LID). Motivated by the assumption underlying phonotactic LID that accounting for permissible phone sequences supports the process of distinguishing one language from another, this paper presents a novel approach based on the automatic identification of phone sequences of(More)
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