Amalia Alcón Domínguez

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O-carboxymethylchitin (molecular weight = 1.07 x 10(5), degree of carboxymethylation = 80%, degree of N-acetylation = 91%) was chemically attached to superoxide dismutase by the formation of amide linkages through a carbodiimide catalyzed reaction. The glycosidated enzyme contained about 1.8 mole of polysaccharide per mole of protein and retained 57% of the(More)
Ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) is one of the most important infectious diseases in the intensive care unit (ICU). In some series the attributable mortality of VAP may reach 30%, and the adequacy of the initial empirical treatment greatly influences the prognosis. Treatment failure can be anticipated in approximately 30 to 40% of patients developing(More)
Mannan from Sacharomyces cerevisiae was activated by oxidation with NaIO(4) (sodium m-periodate) and further linked to SOD (superoxide dismutase) via reductive alkylation with NaBH(4) (sodium borohydride). The glycosidated enzyme contained an average of 1.2 mol of polysaccharide per mol of protein and retained 52% of its initial activity. The modified(More)
Callogenesis was induced from Stylosanthes guianensis (Aubl.) Sw. cv. CIAT-184 hypocotyl explants cultured in the presence of different concentrations of NaCl. Whereas calluses formed at 50 mM NaCl did not show significant changes, concentrations in the range of 100–250 mM NaCl influenced callus formation and survival. The concentrations which reduced the(More)