Amalendu Chatterjee

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—Radiation induced leakage current in a variable thickness SiO 2-on-Si structure (1.0–6.5 nm) is detected and characterized by a novel technique, time-dependent electric field-induced second-harmonic generation (EFISH). The role of second-harmonic generation (SHG) for in situ monitoring of the DC field across the oxide and its utility in understanding the(More)
This paper presents the results of an experiment that examines the effects of standard channel formation process steps on boron channel profiles. The experiment is specifically designed to determine the role of various processing steps on reverse short channel effect (RSCE). In the experiment defect-free silicon films, uniformly doped with boron, were grown(More)
Coomansinemoides wasimi n. gen., n. sp. was collected from the soil around the roots of guava. The new genus is characterized by moderate labial sclerotisation, double guiding ring, moderately narrow odontostyle with wide aperture, smaller expanded portion of pharynx, amphidelphic reproductive system, and dissimilar tail shape in female and male. Due to the(More)
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