Amalendu Chandra

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Leachate and groundwater samples were collected from Gazipur landfill-site and its adjacent area to study the possible impact of leachate percolation on groundwater quality. Concentration of various physico-chemical parameters including heavy metal (Cd, Cr, Cu, Fe, Ni, Pb and Zn) and microbiological parameters (total coliform (TC) and faecal coliform (FC))(More)
Landfilling is one of the most common ways of municipal solid waste disposal. Degradation of organic waste produces CH(4) and other landfill gases that significantly contribute to global warming. However, before entering the atmosphere, part of the produced CH(4) can be oxidised while passing through the landfill cover. In the present study, the oxidation(More)
There has been a significant increase in municipal solid waste (MSW) generation in India during the last few decades and its management has become a major issue because the poor waste management practices affect the health and amenity of the cities. In the present study, various physico-chemical parameters of the MSW were analyzed to characterize the waste(More)
Keywords: Hydration of bromide ions Hydrogen bond dynamics Vibrational spectral diffusion Escape dynamics of water Diffusion Orientational relaxation First principles simulation Time series analysis a b s t r a c t A theoretical study of vibrational spectral diffusion in aqueous NaBr solutions is presented by means of ab initio molecular dynamics(More)
Voids in a medium are defined as the regions that are located outside an appropriately defined occupied space associated with molecules. Dynamical properties like diffusion can be related to the structure and distribution of voids present in the medium. This work deals with an analysis of voids and diffusion in liquid ammonia. The analysis of voids is done(More)
Molecular dynamics simulations of charged and neutral solutes in dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO)-chloroform mixtures reveal pronounced nonideality in the solute diffusion with changes of composition of the mixtures. The diffusion coefficient of the anionic solute first decreases, passes through a minimum at DMSO mole fraction of about 0.50, and then increases to(More)
From ab initio quantum chemistry to molecular dynamics: The delicate case of hydrogen bonding in ammonia 1 Abstract The ammonia dimer (NH 3) 2 has been investigated using high–level ab initio quantum chemistry methods and density functional theory (DFT). The structure and energetics of important isomers is obtained to unprecedented accuracy without(More)
Some investigations have been carried on an old ESP unit to determine dust collection efficiencies and effective migration velocities after incorporating microprocessor based intermittent charging and rapping systems. The collection efficiencies and migration velocities can be maximized for optimum value of intermittent charging ratios, rapping rates and(More)
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