Amal Kumar Bandyopadhyay

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Halophilic proteins have greater abundance of acidic over basic and very low bulky hydrophobic residues. Classical electrostatic stabilization was suggested as the key determinant for halophilic adaptation of protein. However, contribution of specific electrostatic interactions (i.e. salt-bridges) to overall stability of halophilic proteins is yet to be(More)
The [2Fe–2S] ferredoxin from the extreme haloarchaeon Halobacterium salinarum is stable in high (>1.5 M) salt concentration. At low salt concentration the protein exhibits partial unfolding. The kinetics of unfolding was studied in low salt and in presence of urea in order to investigate the role of salt ions on the stability of the protein. The urea(More)
UNLABELLED Somatostatin receptors (SSTRs) especially subtype 2 (SSTR2) are overexpressed in glioma. By taking advantage of the specific expression of SSTR2 on both glioma neovasculature endothelial cells and glioma cells, we constructed Tyr-3-octreotide (TOC)-modified solid lipid nanoparticles (SLN) loaded with paclitaxel (PTX) to enable tumor(More)
Novel mucoadhesive buccal tablets (NMBTs) of oxytocin were prepared as cores in cup fashion to release and permeate the drug unidirectionally toward the buccal mucosa to reach the systemic circulation directly. Adhesive cups for NMBTs were prepared with mucilage (DPM) isolated from edible Diospyros peregrina fruit. Mucoadhesive properties like shear and(More)
A rhizosphere application of NO inf3 sup- and/or naringenin affected the Pisum sativum — Rhizobium leguminosarum biovar viciae symbiosis. NO inf3 sup- (5 mM) lowered while naringenin raised the nodulation status (nodule numbers and weight) and nodule efficiency (C2H2 reduction activity). However, the inhibitory effect of NO inf3 sup- was to some extent(More)
Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV) is a mosquito-borne flavivirus that causes Japanese Encephalitis (JE) and Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES) in humans. Genotype-I (as co-circulating cases with Genotype-III) was isolated in 2010 (JEV28, JEV21) and then in 2011 (JEV45) from Midnapur district, West Bengal (WB) for the first time from clinical patients who(More)
UNLABELLED Salt-bridge and network salt-bridge are specific electrostatic interactions that contribute to the overall stability of proteins. In hierarchical protein folding model, these interactions play crucial role in nucleation process. The advent and growth of protein structure database and its availability in public domain made an urgent need for(More)
UNLABELLED Specific electrostatics (i.e. salt-bridge) includes both local and non-local interactions that contribute to the overall stability of proteins. It has been shown that a salt-bridge could either be buried or exposed, networked or isolated, hydrogen-bonded or nonhydrogen bonded, in secondary-structure or in coil, formed by single or multiple bonds.(More)
The protein sequence of insulin of zebra fish is obtained from UniProt. Due to lack of their structure, structure prediction is necessary, because the structure of protein plays an important role in their function. Our work is based on the production of two protein structure, from the same sequence, by computational approach and finally validates these(More)
Docetaxel (DTX) is found to be very effective against glioma cell in vitro. However, in vivo passage of DTX through BBB is extremely difficult due to the physicochemical and pharmacological characteristics of the drug. No existing formulation is successful in this aspect. Hence, in this study, effort was made to send DTX through blood-brain barrier (BBB) to(More)