Amal Kumar Adak

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Abstract: In this paper, the concept of semiring of generalized interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy matrices are introduced and have shown that the set of GIVIFMs forms a distributive lattice. Also, prove that the GIVIFMs form an generalized interval valued intuitionistic fuzzy algebra and vector space over [0,1]. Some properties of GIVIFMs are studied(More)
In 1965, Zadeh introduced the concept of fuzzy subsets. Latter many authors defined different directions of fuzzy subsets. Turksen (1986) generalized the concept of fuzzy set in terms of interval-valued fuzzy set (IVFS). Several researchers present a number of results using IVFSs. Using these concept of (IVFS) Pal and Shyamal (2006) introduced(More)
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