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Research in the field of watermarking is flourishing providing techniques to protect copyright of intellectual property. Among the various methods that exploit the characteristics of the Human Visual System (HVS) for more secure and effective data hiding, wavelet-based watermarking techniques showed to be immune to attacks; adding the quality of robustness(More)
  • Amal Khalifa
  • 2013
A hybrid cryptosystem is itself a public-key system, whose public and private keys are the same as in the key encapsulation scheme. In this paper, DNA-steganography and cryptography are used together such that the key distribution process is improved without any sacrifice in security. That is, the session key is hidden inside a chosen DNA sequence and hence(More)
Copyright protection techniques are in great demand due to the widespread illegal copying and communication of digital media. Due to their popularity, various watermarking methods have been proposed lately for digital images. Wavelet-based embedding techniques gained a lot of attention since they provide the perfect balance between imperceptibility and(More)
In this paper, a framework to hide privacy in video is proposed based on data hiding principals. A novel data hiding technique is proposed and implemented to hide the original frame into the in-painted one. The proposed hiding technique is carried out in the discrete wavelet transform domain of the cover video. The proposed technique is embedding video into(More)
Clustering is partitioning a set of observation into groups called clusters, where the observation in the same group has a common characteristic. One of the best known algorithms for solving the microarrays data clustering problem using minimum spanning tree (MST) is CLUMP algorithm (Clustering algorithm through MST in Parallel) which identifies a dense(More)
Clustering problem is one of the hottest research fields in microarrays data analysis. In Clustering, a set of observations are assigned into subsets (called clusters) such that observations in the same cluster are similar in some sense. One of the clustering approaches is based on the minimum spanning tree (MST). The MST-based clustering techniques consist(More)
Steganography is the field of research that provides innovative solutions to the problem of secure data communication. In this paper, a non-blind data hiding technique is proposed which is based on data fusion between both the cover and the secret images. The proposed embedding process is made in the Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) domain of the cover(More)
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