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—Hand gestures enabling deaf people to communication during their daily lives rather than by speaking. A sign language is a language which, instead of using sound, uses visually transmitted gesture signs which simultaneously combine hand shapes, orientation and movement of the hands, arms, lip-patterns, body movements and facial expressions to express the(More)
As the amount of internet documents has been growing, document clustering has become practically important. This has led the interest in developing document clustering algorithms. Exploiting parallelism plays an important role in achieving fast and high quality clustering. In this paper, we propose a parallel algorithm that adopts a hierarchical document(More)
In this research, an automatic multiple choice question generation system for evaluating semantic role labels and named entities is proposed. The selection of the informative sentence and the keyword to be asked about are based on the semantic labels and named entities that exist in the question sentence. The research introduces a novel method for the(More)
—Grid computing is characterized by the existence of a collection of heterogeneous geographicallydistributed resources that are connected over high speed networks.Job scheduling and resource management have been a great challenge to researchers in the area of grid computing.Very often, there are applications having alarge number of fine-grainedjobs.Sending(More)
Achieving interactive response times when searching for documents on the web has become a challenge especially with the tremendous increase in the size of information available nowadays. Incorporating parallelism in search engines is one of the approaches towards achieving this aim. In this paper, we present a model for parallel query processing. Then, this(More)
Gene therapy is an exciting field that has attracted much interest since the first submission of clinical trials. Preliminary results were very encouraging and prompted many investigators and researchers. However, the ability of stem cells to differentiate into specific cell types holds immense potential for therapeutic use in gene therapy. Realization of(More)
—Visual inspection by a human operator has been mostly used up till now to detect cracks in sewer pipes. In this paper, we address the problem of automated detection of such cracks. We propose a model which detects crack fractures that may occur in weak areas of a network of pipes. The model also predicts the level of dangerousness of the detected cracks(More)
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