Amal Baccar

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AIM The aim of this study is to evaluate the implication of BRCA1 gene and the mitochondrial micro satellite (situated between 303 and 315 positions) mutations in the occurrence of breast cancer in Tunisia. METHODS Nine Tunisian patients with hereditary breast cancer have been analyzed. For each patient, total genomic DNA was extracted and used as a(More)
Aurora A kinase is overexpressed in many cancers but the status of this protein in the breast cancer often varies. We investigate the expression and localization of Aurora A protein in relation with tumor emergence and progression in breast cancer. Aurora A kinase status was evaluated in 107 patients using immunohistochemistry. The experimental findings(More)
The Gliomatosis Cerebri (GC) is an infiltrating and rare primitive tumour of the brain. It is characterized by diffuse neoplastic proliferation of glial cells involving of at least two lobes of the brain, without a distinct tumor mass and with the preservation of the anatomical and neuronal architecture. According to the WHO classification, GC is(More)
In an attempt to better unfold the antitumor immune response and invasion strategies perused by tumor cells, markers such as CD99 and HLA-II have been stained in breast tumors, some of them turned out to be important for prognosis and its outcome. CD99 is involved in the intracellular transport of HLA-II proteins. The expression of HLA-II and CD99 molecules(More)
BACKGROUND Tumor cells express surface structures different from normal cells. These structures may be recognized by the immune system, which ensure anti-tumoral surveillance. Antigenic presentation requires HLA molecules role. Since, these molecules are encoded by a high polymorphic system, immune response can be modulated according to HLA genotype. So,(More)
AIM The aim of this work was to study the correlation between the mitochondrial microsatellite, situated between the nucleotides 303 and 315 of the mitochondrial genome and the breast cancer in Tunisia. MATERIALS AND METHODS We have analyzed, by PCR-sequencing, the polymorphism of a mitochondrial microsatellite in 40 Tunisian patients and 39 healthy(More)
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