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Protein glycation in biological systems occurs predominantly on lysine, arginine and N-terminal residues of proteins. Major quantitative glycation adducts are found at mean extents of modification of 1–5 mol percent of proteins. These are glucose-derived fructosamine on lysine and N-terminal residues of proteins, methylglyoxal-derived hydroimidazolone on(More)
The epimeric specificity of the catalytic site of rabbit muscle phosphofructokinase was investigated by testing three ketose phosphates as alternate substrates. These (and their epimeric carbons) included: D-psicose-6-P (C-3), D-tagatose-6-P (C-4), and L-sorbose-6-P (C-5). The Michaelis constants (and relative maximal velocities) were: 3.0 mM (45%), 0.054(More)
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