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Automated negotiation among Web services not only provides an effective way for the services to bargain for their optimal customizations, but also allows the discovery of overlooked potential solutions. A number of negotiation supporting techniques have been used to find solutions that are acceptable to all parties in the negotiation. However, employing(More)
Cloud computing enables the automated creation of business applications from independently developed and deployed services. In this paper, we propose a technique for Cloud-based services to dynamically evaluate the performance of services based on their previous history, and user requirements. The likelihood of fault occurrence is then used to create(More)
With the extensive adaptation of Web service based applications in dynamic businesses applications including on demand computing, highly configurable virtual solutions and cloud computing based systems demand automated tools for composing and managing these services in composite systems. The use of standard protocols for publishing, discovery, invocation,(More)
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) enables the creation of distributed applications from independently developed and deployed services. As with any component-based system, the overall performance and quality of the system is an aggregate function of its component services. In this article, we present a novel approach for managing bottom-up faults in(More)
Route discovery in many mobile ad hoc protocols is based on flooding. However, flooding suffers from high overhead, which can increase contention and communication delays. In this paper, we propose two new route discovery algorithms that are aimed towards reducing these delays. Both algorithms are suitable for use with ad hoc protocols where nodes(More)
Business process automation using software as a service is well accepted software deployment and distribution model that is grown exponentially in the last few years. SaaS can provide solutions that are suitable for both one off as well as long running systems. Multiple component services are combined to formulate a composite solution. This modular nature(More)