Amal A. Bukhari

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PURPOSE To examine the relationship between dyslipidemia and the severity of meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD). METHODS A prospective cohort study of 132 subjects with and 104 without MGD were recruited. A correlation between serum fasting lipids and MGD severity was performed. RESULTS Mean age for all candidates was 49.4 years; and 57% were women. In(More)
PURPOSE To estimate the prevalence of punctal stenosis among patients visiting the general ophthalmology clinic for routine checkup. DESIGN Prospective, observational case series. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 682 patients were evaluated for evidence of punctal stenosis from May to November 2008. Any associated findings from clinical examination were(More)
PURPOSE Identifying the peri-ocular anthropometric measurements characteristic of Saudi Arabian eyes. METHODS A prospective, cohort, hospital-based study. RESULTS Measurements were made on 668 subjects (mean age 33.8 years; 58.7% female). The horizontal palpebral aperture was 30.1 ± 2.9 mm (mean ± SD), vertical palpebral aperture was 10.1 ± 0.85 mm,(More)
AIM To determine the prevalence of various causes of tearing among patients referred to an oculoplastic clinic. MATERIALS AND METHODS A prospective study on all patients seen in an oculoplastic clinic with a chief complaint of tearing. The cause of tearing was determined on the basis of the anatomical location of the primary etiology. RESULTS This study(More)
PURPOSE We aimed to compare the outcomes of primary external dacryocystorhinostomy and silicone tube with anterior and posterior mucosal flap anastomosis, versus dacryocystorhinostomy and silicone intubation with anterior mucosal flap anastomosis. METHODS We utilized the electronic databases PubMed, EMBASE, Ovid, Cochrane Central Register of Controlled(More)
PURPOSE To compare the efficacies of punctal plug insertion and Botulinum toxin injection in dry eye disease not responding to topical medications. MATERIALS AND METHODS A non-controlled randomized clinical trial of two parallel groups of 60 dry eye patients seen in the clinic not responding to topical medications were divided into two groups. One group(More)
Punctal stenosis is a frequent source of patients referral to the otoplasty clinic and the search for a procedure that can permanently eliminate epiphora without disturbing the normal lacrimal system anatomy and physiology started centuries ago and continues today. The following article summarizes the reported procedures in the English literature in the(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the utility of eye exam simulators in the training and assessment of family medicine residents for screening diabetic retinopathy (DR) utilizing direct ophthalmoscopy (DO). METHODS This prospective, single arm, cross-sectional study was conducted at King AbdulAziz University Hospital, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in April 2013,(More)
PURPOSE To estimate the prevalence of dry eye disease in the normal non-complaining population. METHODS Prospective systematic random sampling study of 251 subjects who accompanied patients with appointments to the eye clinic. Interviewers administered a dry eye symptoms and risk factor questionnaire. Tear film break up time, fluorescein corneal staining(More)