Amal A Abdel-Aziz

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Binding of haloacetonitriles or their reactive metabolites to macromolecules of fetal tissue may be responsible for reproductive toxicity. To investigate the role of glutathione (GSH) in the metabolism and reproductive toxicity of haloacetonitriles, irreversible interaction of chloroacetonitrile (CAN) with maternal uterine and fetal DNA was assessed in a(More)
Chloroacetonitrile (CAN), a drinking water disinfectant by-product, has mutagenic and carcinogenic properties. CAN is known to deplete glutathione (GSH), and previous studies reported an enhanced molecular interaction of CAN after GSH depletion in the uterine and fetal tissues of mice. The present report may help to understand the potential mechanisms(More)
We aimed to investigate any association between hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL) in the view of cytokines that control inflammation/angiogenesis and their correlation with certain CD markers. NHL patients with or without HCV infection were studied. CD5, CD30, CD3, CD20 and CD45 were immunohistochemically evaluated. Plasma(More)
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