Amador Martin-Pizarro

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We exhibit a simplified version of the construction of a field of Morley rank p with a predicate of rank p − 1, extracting the main ideas for the construction from previous papers and refining the arguments. Moreover, an explicit axiomatization is given, and ranks are computed.
Wir betrachten zwei abzählbare streng–minimale Theorien T 1 und T 2 mit definierbarem Morleygrad, formuliert in zwei disjunkten Sprachen L 1 und L 2. Wir beweisen in diesem Artikel den folgenden Satz von E. Hrushovski. Satz 0.1 ([2]). T 1 ∪ T 2 hat eine streng minimale Vervollständigung T µ. Die Modelle M von T µ haben die folgenden Eigenschaft: tr i(More)
In this text elements of motivic integration are discussed, mostly with full proofs. The main sources are original papers by Denef-Loeser [2, 3]. Throughout the text k is any field. Let X, Y be varieties over k; let A, B be constructible subsets of X, Y respectively. A map π : A → B is said to be a piecewise fibration with fiber F if there exists a finite(More)
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