Amadine Falco

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Pleurocidin (Ple), a linear cationic peptide of 25 amino acids, is a member of a larger family of antimicrobial peptides present in flatfish. Previous studies have shown that Ple displays a strong antimicrobial activity against a broad spectrum of bacteria and appears to play a role in innate host defence. In this work, the genomic sequence encoding the Ple(More)
Fluorescent ligands for GPCRs (G-protein-coupled receptors) have been synthesized for a long time but their use was usually restricted to receptor localization in the cell by fluorescent imaging microscopy. During the last two decades, the emergence of new fluorescence-based strategies and the concomitant development of fluorescent measurement apparatus(More)
The development of new tools for the detection and fluorescence imaging of bacteria is of great interest in clinical diagnosis and food and environmental safety. In this work, we have explored the ability of two cationic fluorene-based conjugated polyelectrolytes, HTMA-PFP and HTMA-PFNT, emitting in the blue and red spectral regions respectively, to(More)
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