Amadeu Matos Gonçalves

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OBJECTIVES To determine the prevalence of students' suicidal ideation and to assess its connection with social support. METHODS Quantitative, descriptive and exploratory study on a sample of 1074 students from a higher education institution in Portugal. The data was collected through an online platform that included a questionnaire regarding the(More)
INTRODUCTION While attending to higher education, multiple changes occur in the lives of young students. These changes make higher education students particularly more exposed and vulnerable to mental health problems, and therefore more likely to present suicidal behaviors. OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to assess suicidal ideation in higher(More)
As part of an investigation of the rehabilitation of physically disabled leprosy patients, a report and evaluation of Brazilian experience in this area given. After describing leprosy as a genuine and relevant public health problem in Brazil because of the numbers involved, the suffering caused and the difficulties inherent in its control the authors(More)
Meaning and impact of local sanitary units are revised, with reference to the most remarkable moments of its evolution within a proposal for organizing Public Health Services (I). Ways in which its administration is achieved are highlighted as important factors in the process of fulfilling its objectives (II). A technique is proposed to provide the(More)
Health literacy, a more complex concept than knowledge, is a required capacity to obtain, understand, integrate and act on health information [1], in order to enhance individual and community health, which is defined by different levels, according to the autonomy and personal capacitation in decision making [2]. Medium levels of Health literacy in an(More)
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