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Post-traumatic stress disorder is a common, chronic, and often disabling mental illness. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors are the usual first-line treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder, but many patients fail to respond adequately. Thus, other treatment options, including the atypical antipsychotics such as risperidone, need to be tested.(More)
OBJECTIVE To study whether psychiatry residents' personal variables (such as age, gender, level of training, previous experience with patient suicide, or lawsuits) and their temperamental predispositions have an impact on their decisions to seek involuntary commitment. METHOD In a prospective pilot study, all psychiatry residents in Massachusetts were(More)
The authors report a case of self inflicted bilateral corneal abrasions and skin damage due to ophthalmic and cutaneous delusional parasitosis. A male in his 50s presented with a 10 year history of believing that parasites were colonizing his skin and biting into his skin and eyes. The patient had received extensive medical evaluations that found no(More)
BACKGROUND Benzodiazepines are the first-line choice for the treatment of alcohol withdrawal syndrome. However, several hospitals continue to provide alcoholic beverages through their formulary for the treatment of alcohol withdrawal. While there are data on the prevalence of this practice in academic medical centers, there are no data on the availability(More)
UNLABELLED There are several possible reasons for adolescents' alcohol and drug abuse. While genetic, social and cultural factors all play a part in influencing their behavior of using alcohol and drugs, their self-reported reasons may also offer insight into why they use. Adolescents reported using alcohol and drugs to self-medicate their emotional(More)
OBJECTIVE This article seeks to determine whether medical students can estimate the appropriate score for the Global Assessment of Functioning (GAF) compared with psychiatry residents and staff psychiatrists. The authors hypothesized that medical students' estimations of GAF scores for patients in clinical vignettes would differ from those assessed by the(More)
Although CMOS Time-of-Flight Range Image Sensors have been recently realized, the fabrication process is modified by inserting an extra mask layer to allow efficient TOF dependent charge transfer. This work focuses on the selection procedure of amplifiers to be used in the design of the TOF pixel using the standard CMOS process. From our analysis, it is(More)
Herein, we present the design technique of a resonant rectifier for piezoelectric (PE) energy harvesting. We propose two diode equivalents to reduce the voltage drop in the rectifier operation, a minuscule-drop-diode equivalent (MDDE) and a low-drop-diode equivalent (LDDE). The diode equivalents are embedded in resonant rectifier integrated circuits (ICs),(More)
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