Amabile Tatone

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We study model locomotors on a substrate, which derive their propulsive capabilities from the tangential (viscous or frictional) resistance offered by the substrate. Our aim is to develop new tools and insight for future studies of cellular motility by crawling and of collective bacterial motion. The purely viscous case (worm) is relevant for cellular(More)
Posterior vitreous detachment is a fairly common condition in elderly people. Tractions exerted by the detached vitreous on the retina may result in retinal tears and detachments. We studied how these tractions can arise from saccadic eye movements. Numerical simulations have been performed on a two-dimensional model of the vitreous chamber within a rigid(More)
• Currently taught courses: Mechanics of Solids and Materials (in English, for graduate students mostly from abroad; Mathematical Engineering programme). • Past research topics: direct beam models as one-dimensional continuum; extension of a direct beam model endowed with a warping descriptor for cross sections; models for laminated beams including(More)
Mass transport and diffusion phenomena in the arterial lumen are studied through a mathematical model. Blood flow is described by the unsteady Navier-Stokes equation and solute dynamics by an advection-diffusion equation, the convective field being provided by the fluid velocity. A linearization procedure over the steady state solution is carried out and an(More)
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