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Due to its objectivity, reproducibility and predictive value confirmed by many large-scale statistical clinical studies, Heidelberg Retina Tomography has become one of the most used computerized image analysis of the optic disc in glaucoma. It has been signaled, though, that the diagnostic value of Moorfieds Regression Analyses and Glaucoma Probability(More)
LIPOPOLYSACCHARIDE BINDING PROTEIN (LBP) is an important mediator of the inflammatory reaction. A multitude of factors can determine the genic transcription activation and the increase of the LBP in the blood and the human body humours: Il1, Il 6, lipopolysaccharides, Gram-negative bacteria, as well as non-infectious agents. This paper is a prospective(More)
The early diagnosis and detection of progression are two key-elements in the actual management of glaucoma. The current opinion in clinical practice is to quantify the structural damage for a better follow-up of the patient and the standardization of the results. The present review is a concise survey of literature covering the period of 1990-2010,(More)
PURPOSE to investigate the sensitivity and specificity of the stereometric parameters change analysis vs. Topographic Change Analysis in early detection of glaucoma progression. METHODS 81 patients with POAG were monitored for 4 years (GAT monthly, SAP at every 6 months, optic disc photographs and HRT3 yearly). The exclusion criteria were other optic disc(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the role of reference height inter-test variability upon the variability of the stereometric parameters. MATERIALS AND METHOD 204 glaucomatous patients underwent a complete ophthalmological exam, including Heidelberg Retina Tomography 3 (HRT-3). The exclusion criteria were optic disc or retinal pathology that might interfere with(More)
PURPOSE This paper presents an analysis of surgical treatment costs for left colostomy, aiming to calculate a medium cost per procedure and to identify the means to maximize the economic management of this type of surgicale procedure. MATERIALS AND METHOD A retrospective study was conducted on a group of 8 patients hospitalized in the 4th Surgery(More)
We present the case of a 52-year-old male patient, hospitalized on an emergency basis in the University Emergency Hospital in Bucharest, after being diagnosed with pneumoperitoneum acute abdomen, for which emergency surgery was mandatory. A 3,5-4 cm malignant gastric perforation, ascitis and peritoneal carcinomatosis were found. The histopathological exam(More)
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