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The beneficial effects of Si have mainly been observed in herbaceous plants, while little is known about its role in deciduous trees. The aim of this work was to evaluate the effect of foliar application of Si on chestnut leaf growth, photosynthesis and water relations in the presence of short, but intense water deficit. Sili-K® solution (containing 0.12 %(More)
The rho ratio, which measures the capability of a receptor system to induce a maximal contraction after saturation by a full agonist was analysed from the standpoint of its variability considering the values obtained either for a given receptor system in the same type of preparation or for different types of preparation. This variability was discussed on(More)
Poor wear resistance of titanium is a major concern since relative movements due to the cyclic loads in body environment cause wear between the bone and the implant material leading to detachment of the wear debris and release of metal ions due to the simultaneous action of corrosion and wear, defined as tribocorrosion. In order to increase the(More)
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