Amélie Rolland

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We address the pre-image problem encountered in structured output prediction and the one of finding a string maximizing the prediction function of various kernel-based classifiers and re-gressors. We demonstrate that these problems reduce to a common combinatorial problem valid for many string kernels. For this problem, we propose an upper bound on the(More)
The electromagnetic synthesis and optimization of microwave focusing systems requires the development of specific CAD tools with appropriate characteristics (accuracy, computation time, etc.). The purpose of this paper is to benchmark two 2D numerical methods, namely the method of auxiliary sources (MAS) and the finite-difference time-domain (FDTD)(More)
The pre-image problem has to be solved during inference by most structured output predictors. For string kernels, this problem corresponds to finding the string associated to a given input. An algorithm capable of solving or finding good approximations to this problem would have many applications in computational biology and other fields. This work uses a(More)
We use machine learning to generate metamodels for sawing simulation. Simulation is widely used in the wood industry for decision making. These simulators are particular since their response for a given input is a structured object, i.e., a basket of lumbers. We demonstrate how we use simple machine learning algorithms (e.g., a tree) to obtain a good(More)
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