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High-order harmonic generation in polyatomic molecules generally involves multiple channels of ionization. Their relative contribution can be strongly influenced by the presence of resonances, whose assignment remains a major challenge for high-harmonic spectroscopy. Here we present a multi-modal approach for the investigation of unaligned polyatomic(More)
Leakage power consumption in nanometric CMOS circuits is growing at exponential rate due to the aggressive scaling trends of channel lengths, gate oxide thickness and doping profiles. In this paper the analysis and characterization of leakage currents and the corresponding leakage power is studied at cell level. A characterization methodology is discussed(More)
High order harmonic generation from clusters is a controversial topic: conflicting theories exist, with different explanations for similar experimental observations. From an experimental point of view, separating the contributions from monomers and clusters is challenging. By performing a spectrally and spatially resolved study in a controlled mixture of(More)
Probing electronic wave functions of polyatomic molecules is one of the major challenges in high-harmonic spectroscopy. The extremely nonlinear nature of the laser-molecule interaction couples the multiple degrees of freedom of the probed system. We combine two-dimensional control of the electron trajectories and vibrational control of the molecules to(More)
We present a new method to characterize transverse vectorial light produced by high-harmonic generation (HHG). The incoherent sum of the two components of the electric field is measured using a bi-dimensional transient grating while one of the components is simultaneously characterized using two-source interferometry. The combination of these two(More)
Measuring the ultrafast dynamics of chiral molecules in the gas phase has been a long standing and challenging quest of molecular physics. The main limitation to reach that goal has been the lack of highly sensitive chiroptical measurement. By enabling chiral discrimination with up to several 10% of sensitivity, photoelectron circular dichroism (PECD)(More)
  • F. J. de Latorre, T. Pont, +29 authors S. Bouchoucha
  • 2011
RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN COLONIZATION SEQUENCE FROM OROPIIARYNX AND NOSOCOMIAL PULMONARY INFECTION IN PATIENTS RECEIVING MECHANICAL VENTILATION. FJ de Latorre, T Pont, A Ferr6", M Palomar, J Rosse116•", A Pahissa'" . Objective: To study the colonization sequences (CS) initiating in stomach (CSS), trachea (CST) or oropharynx (CSOF) and their influence on(More)
We study theoretically and experimentally the electronic relaxation of NO(2) molecules excited by absorption of one ∼400 nm pump photon. Semiclassical simulations based on trajectory surface hopping calculations are performed. They predict fast oscillations of the electronic character around the intersection of the ground and first excited diabatic states.(More)
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