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CONTEXT Inborn Errors of Metabolism are hereditary affections resulting from incompetence in enzymatic reactions of intermediary metabolism. At present, several hundred hereditary metabolic(More)
CONTEXT AND OBJECTIVE It is challenge to assess and treat pain in premature infants. The objective of this study was to compare the multidimensional pain assessment of preterm neonates subjected to(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify the viruses involved in acute respiratory tract infections and to analyze the rates of hospitalization and death in children on palivizumab prophylaxis. METHODS Prospective(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop and validate a predictive score for clinical complications during intra-hospital transport of infants treated in neonatal units. METHODS This was a cross-sectional study nested(More)
Children born to female kidney recipients are exposed to immunosuppressive drugs during gestation. Little is known about their immune system at birth or in the long term. Twenty-eight children born(More)
CONTEXT The subjectivity of pain causes enormous difficulties in evaluating neonatal pain with a single, practical and easy-to-apply tool. Pain evaluation in the neonatal period should be performed(More)