Alzira Teresa Vieira Martins Ferreira dos Santos

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Using colorimetric MTT assay the susceptibility of a newly established bladder epithelial cell line, Fen cells was compared with conventional target cells, i.e., K562 and Daudi and other epithelial(More)
Analysis of tissue sections from transurethrally resected bladder tumours using anti-CD3 antibody showed the presence of T lymphocytes in intra-epithelial layers in eight of 12 cases investigated. In(More)
A modified tetrazolium reduction assay (MTT) was used to assess the relation between HLA class I antigen expression on tumour cells and their susceptibility as a target for non-MHC restricted LAK/NK(More)
OBJECTIVES to describe the process of translation and linguistic and cultural validation of the Evidence Based Practice Questionnaire for the Portuguese context: Questionário de Eficácia Clínica e(More)
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