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Abstract The aluminumphosphate designated as meso -ALPO was efficiently coated with 3- n -propylpyridiniumchloride silsesquioxqne polymer, SiPy + Cl − , forming a stable thin film attached to the(More)
Abstract SiO 2 /SnO 2 mixed oxides were prepared by the sol–gel processing method using SnI 4 as the tin oxide precursor reagent. Solids with Sn compositions (in wt.%) of 4.1, 12.9 and 18.4 and(More)
Porous Al2O3 presenting a specific surface area of SBET = 105 m2 g(-1) was coated with 3-N-propylpyridinium chloride silsesquioxane polymer. The ion exchange capacity of this polymer grafted onto an(More)