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These studies document the ability of electroporation (EP)-based DNA vaccination to induce multi-specific CTL responses to hepatitis B virus (HBV) DNA vaccination in normal mice and marked immune responses to multivalent HBV DNA immunization in larger animal species. These results suggest that electroporation-mediated HBV DNA vaccination is worth pursuing(More)
Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) initiates infection of normal B lymphocytes by binding to CD21, a complement receptor. Since EBV, unlike most viruses, preferentially infects resting (non-activated) cells, the present studies were undertaken to evaluate the hypothesis that intracellular signalling pathway(s) triggered by EBV binding to CD21 activate the expression(More)
DNA vaccines are a promising method of immunization against biothreats and emerging infections because they are relatively easy to design, manufacture, store and distribute. However, immunization with DNA vaccines using conventional delivery methods often fails to induce consistent, robust immune responses, especially in species larger than the mouse.(More)
  • E Reynish, Toulouse Edinburgh, +5 authors Europe
  • 2009
Aim The project will gather existing epidemiological studies and analyse the respective merits and shortcomings of the individual studies. Based on the report on these studies, consensual European prevalence rates will be developed that will be acceptable to all partners and used as a " golden standard " within the respective organisations. Background(More)
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