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Topological reconfiguration is an important tool for the planning and operation of electric power distribution systems. Usually, the utilities can use multiple criteria regarding the observation of regulation policies and public awareness to drive the topological reconfiguration. Several researchers are looking for new optimization methods, as the(More)
This paper proposes a multi-criteria approach to handle emergency orders under real-time conditions in electric power distribution utilities. It is described how the problem related to serve work orders in electric utilities is considered, with an aggregated objective function developed to handle the minimization of the waiting time for emergency services,(More)
Topological reconfiguration corresponds to an important tool for planning and operation of electric power distribution systems. Considering the distribution operation planning, how much time one algorithm gets an alternative topological status for the system is not a matter of importance, since the main objective assumed involves: power losses reduction,(More)
The aim of this work is determine the most appropriated period for connecting a particular generation source fuelled by biogas on a distribution network. The main electrical characteristics of the network are evaluated. The proposed simulations provided data for analyzing the quantitative parameters – voltage levels, power losses and load current. A group(More)
The new reality of smart distribution systems with use of generation sources of small and medium sizes brings new challenges for the operation of these systems. The complexity and the large number of nodes requires use of methods which can reduce the processing time of algorithms such as power flow, allowing its use in real time. This paper presents a known(More)
Before the deployment of Smart Grids the quality of voltage is replaced by a new focus, because the regulator is able to improve the activity, the user has access to the value of the voltage in real time and the distributor, in turn, needs to meet the regulatory actions and expectations of its customers. Nowadays in conventional networks the voltage(More)
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