Alzbeta Michalíková

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In this paper a Generalized Net (GN) model of Intuitionistic fuzzy logic (IFL) control of two Genetic Algorithm (GA) parameters, is proposed. IFL controller is used to tune dynamically GA parameters – crossover and mutation probability. The GN-model describes the process of GA parameters control, trying to improve the algorithm performance.
In this paper we study an outer measure on MV -algebras. In Section 1 the definition of MV -algebra and Mundici theorem are remind. In Section 2 there is defined an outer measure, measurable elements and there is proved Choquet lema for this structure. In conclusion some properties of measurable elements are resumed.
The thesis is focused on Digital Literacy Index modeling by neuro-fuzzy systems in various Slovak municipalities. Basic terms related to the problem are clarified and characteristic of fuzzy inference system and adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system is also described. The main result of this thesis is creation of the program for computing Digital Literacy(More)
Reliable database of image samples is crucial for image recognition system development. One of rich sources of such data is the Internet. In this paper we describe a system, which collects specific image data from certain web pages. This image data will serve as samples for automatic recognition system. Collecting of image data is performed automatically(More)
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