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One hundred and two cases of neonatal cancers, representing 2% of all paediatric malignancies, were seen during a 60 year period at The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Canada. The neonatal cancers included neuroblastoma (47%), retinoblastoma (17%), soft tissue sarcoma (12%), central nervous system tumours (9%), leukaemia (8%), and a few cases of Wilms'(More)
BACKGROUND Despite their potential advantages, new coronary angioplasty devices may be associated with more frequent vascular complications than noted after standard balloon angioplasty, theoretically due to the larger sheaths and prolonged periods of anticoagulation required by some of these devices. This study sought to identify the incidence, predictors,(More)
A clinical and pathologic review of primary intracranial tumors (917 cases in a 62-year period) at The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, identified 21 cases with systemic metastases (2.3%). This included 15 cases of medulloblastoma and 1 case each of astrocytoma, meningeal sarcoma, malignant melanoma, ependymoblastoma, teratoma, and endodermal sinus(More)
Chest wall mesenchymoma is a rare tumour in childhood and often presents in the neonatal period. In the past all patients have received surgical treatment with quite a high morbidity. We present here three further cases that presented in infancy, two of which received minimal therapy with good results in each case. We would propose from these cases that(More)
During a 22-year period, 12 cases of spontaneous chylothorax in newborns were diagnosed at a large pediatric tertiary care center. Seven infants had right-sided effusions; only one effusion occurred on the left. Severe bilateral accumulations occurred in four nonimmune hydropic premature infants. The diagnosis was made by the milky appearance and/or the(More)
Fifty one infants who were oxygen dependent after treatment for neonatal respiratory disease were entered into a study programme where 100% oxygen was delivered at low flow through a nasal catheter. Thirty five (69%) of the infants were discharged home and the remainder were either discharged to a convalescent hospital or back to their peripheral referring(More)
A case of neonatal herpes simplex infection is discussed that presented as pneumonia, with subsequent development of skin lesions. The virus was isolated from skin scrapings. In spite of treatment with vidarabine, skin lesions continued to develop, and central nervous system involvement occurred. Acyclovir therapy led to prompt resolution of symptoms.
Serum methotrexate concentrations have been measured in 28 children with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) following PO administration under standard conditions. Small intestinal transit time, measured by the time taken for lactulose to pass from mouth to caecum, has been related with methotrexate absorption parameters. Small intestinal transit times(More)
Percutaneous balloon mitral valvulotomy (PBMV) has become an established method of treating symptomatic patients with rheumatic mitral stenosis. PBMV is performed with fluoroscopic guidance alone in most centres. However, even experienced operators can be misled by radiographic anatomic landmarks. Transesophageal echocardiography (TEE) provides high-quality(More)