Alyssa Friend Wise

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Many researchers have suggested that tangible user interfaces (TUIs) have potential to support learning. However, the theories used to explain possible effects are often invoked at a very broad level without explication of specific mechanisms by which the affordances of TUIs may be important for learning processes. Equally problematic, we lack(More)
This article addresses a relatively unexplored area in the emerging field of learning analytics, the design of learning analytics interventions. A learning analytics intervention is defined as the surrounding frame of activity through which analytic tools, data, and reports are taken up and used. It is a soft technology that involves the orchestration of(More)
We describe a tangible user interface-based learning environment for children called <i>Towards Utopia</i>. The environment was designed to enable children, aged seven to ten, to actively construct knowledge around concepts related to land use planning and sustainable development in their community. We use Towards Utopia as a research prototype to(More)
This paper describes an application of learning analytics that builds on an existing research program investigating how students contribute and attend to the messages of others in online discussions. A pedagogical model that translates the concepts and findings of the research program into guidelines for practice and analytics with which students and(More)
<i>Youtopia</i> is a hybrid tangible and multi-touch land use planning activity for elementary school aged children. It was implemented on a Microsoft Pixelsense digital tabletop. The main method of interaction is through physical stamp objects that children use to "stamp" different land use types onto an interactive map. Youtopia was developed to(More)
This study addresses the issues of overload and chaos in MOOC discussion forums by developing a model to categorize and identify threads based on whether or not they are substantially related to the course content. Content-related posts were defined as those that give/seek help for the learning of course material and share/comment on relevant resources. A(More)
Interest in temporal analytics---analytics that probe temporal aspects of learning so as to gain insights into the processes through which learning occurs---continues to grow. The relationships of temporal patterns to learning outcomes is a central area of interest. However, while the literature on temporal analyses is developing, there has been less(More)
Inositol compounds with three to five phosphate groups (IP3-IP5) were produced by hydrolysis of phytate (inositol hexaphosphate, IP6) and their binding affinities for calcium and zinc investigated at neutral pH with relative concentrations that had been found in a range of students' meals. Zn solubility was negligible at many of these concentrations, with(More)
1. Seventy-six students and staff at Robert Gordon's Institute of Technology weighed all items of food consumed for 1 week. 2. Mean phytate-phosphorus intakes ranged from 141 mg for female students to 237 mg for male students. Breakfast was proportionally a more important contributor to daily phytate intakes than to calcium, zinc, and energy intakes.(More)